Women Reach Better Orgasms with the O-Shot

Women Reach Better Orgasms with the O-Shot

Does the Rolling Stones tune, “Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” constantly run through your head when your partner desires intimacy? Instead of continuing to suffer in silence and just going through the motions, it’s time to change the end game by getting the O-Shot®.

Soon, you’ll be humming “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye, and your partner won’t know what to do with all of your renewed sexual energy!

Reaching orgasm during sexual intimacy matters to millions of women of all ages, no matter what they might say to the contrary. A woman starts to lose interest in sex when repeated attempts to achieve vaginal orgasm fail, because she feels like it’s not worth the effort or she may even experience pain during sexual intercourse, either caused by a medical condition or anxiety.

The revolutionary O-Shot, offered by the Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, can change all of that by improving sexual wellness and sexual dysfunction in women with an all-natural, safe and effective treatment.

Sexual Benefits from the O-Shot

A woman’s libido ebbs and flows for various reasons throughout her lifetime, such as the noticeable decrease following childbirth or the  significant decline often experienced with age. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up on the idea of receiving pleasure from sexual activity.

Women like having orgasms. Women like having more orgasms. Women like having stronger orgasms. The O-Shot works to improve all three by:

  • Increasing blood flow
  • Improving lubrication
  • Strengthening the vaginal opening
  • Boosting sexual desire
  • Heightening sensitivity

Patients who’ve received the O-Shot report greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, increased sexual desire, and stronger and more frequent orgasms. Many women undergo what some call a vaginal rejuvenation, with younger, smoother skin around the vagina and a tighter vaginal opening.

Heal Thyself with the O-Shot

The O-Shot procedure uses your own blood to create platelet rich therapy, or PRP, to stimulate cell growth, health and function. The platelets, along with their inherent growth factors, are injected into a specific area on the upper wall of the vagina and clitoris where they go to work on improving sensitivity, and strengthening tissues and cells. Basically, it’s your body healing itself.

At the Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, we want our patients to enjoy sexual pleasure in a healthy and enduring way. Getting older or becoming a mother doesn’t mean you have to give up sex. You can rediscover a more satisfying sex life with the O-Shot.

Call the Synergy Spa today at (317) 580-1SPA and let us help you get in the mood.

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