Sharing In The Success of New Procedures at October Event

Sharing In The Success of New Procedures at October Event

When something works, people want to know a lot more about it. That’s why we drew such an enthusiastic, after-hours crowd of women and men in mid-October to Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute.

We had an array of exciting and effective new procedures to talk about, and people were listening, learning, and scheduling their own procedures to look better and feel better…non-surgical steps, without much downtime at all.

There were fresh outlooks, fellowship, plenty of food, and a few prizes handed out at our facility – and much of the energy that great day was focused on the series of new procedures at Synergy Spa that utilize PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

Vampire Hair Regrowth

“It’s the kind of gathering where all of our experts in rejuvenation and healthy, natural renewal could swap stories, ask questions, and see why one of our new PRP therapies, most under the trade name Vampire, can do wonders for them,” said Trish Wozniak, Pa-C. “The demand for these procedures is rising fast, and that’s because women and men both have seen results, safely and quickly.”

Wozniak is one in a handful of specialists in Indiana who’s been certified to administer the Vampire Hair Re-Growth® treatment.

The PRP hair therapy treats hair loss and thinning by putting your own cells to work regenerating themselves. Weakened follicles get stronger and healthier, in many cases producing fuller, richer hair.

At the 10/18 event, Denise Kaler, who is the CEO of Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, underwent a Vampire Hair Re-Growth® treatment right there where the group could watch. Attendees also heard Denise talk about the improvement she’s had since her first Vampire Hair procedure about two months ago.

Vampire Hair Regrowth

It’s recommended that patients who need them have the procedure done three times, 8-12 weeks apart.

“I am so happy with the progress I’ve seen so far,” Kaler said. “And it was wonderful to let participants at our event see from such a close vantage point how it’s done, how painless it is, and why it’s popular.”

At Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, we also offer Vampire PRP procedures for breast enhancement, the Vampire O-Shot® to increase female sexual pleasure and sensitivity, the Vampire P-Shot® for men who want better performance, Scar Revision care, and of course, the Vampire Facelift® procedure.

Yes, that’s a lot of vampires in one place, but they don’t bite. These therapies work in harmony with the body’s own healing powers.

For the Vampire Hair Re-Growth® therapy at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, Wozniak extracts a small amount of blood from patients, then separates the platelets in a high-speed, FDA-cleared centrifuge.

Vampire Hair Regrowth

Using a numbing agent, she then re-injects the platelets into the thinning hair areas. The scalp’s own growth factors are activated, leading to follicle re-growth.

“PRP is like a natural serum,” Wozniak said.

Improving appearance, performance and health through PRP Therapy gives patients confidence in the way they look, act, and feel.

Our events offer education, enlightenment, and exposure to exactly how procedures work. There’s no mystery, only a mission: to provide the quality progress so many people seek.

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