Revive Your Sex Drive: Popular P-Shot Satisfies Desire for Male Enhancement

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Revive Your Sex Drive: Popular P-Shot Satisfies Desire for Male Enhancement

While it’s a sensitive subject, we know most men would jump at the chance to enhance their sexual experiences in every way (who wouldn’t?), but that’s especially true for those facing performance issues like erectile dysfunction or suffering prostate pain.

At Synergy Spa, an all-natural male enhancement treatment called the P-Shot® attracts more clients than almost any other service we offer.

“This is one of the most popular procedures we do,” says Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler. “It’s much safer than surgery or taking medication long-term and very effective.”

There’s no reason to risk your overall health with pills or surgery to augment your male member or find relief from uncomfortable, intimate problems. Because each P-Shot is created from a client’s own biological material, it doesn’t cause any negative side effects and there’s literally no down time after the quick, relatively painless procedure.

Not only do men gain girth and length after just one 15-minute session, our clients often say they’re pleasantly surprised by some bonus benefits of the P-Shot, also widely known as the Priapus Shot® — inspired by the Greek god of fertility.

Let us pull back the covers and explain how this cutting-edge procedure works, including the added perks of this revolutionary treatment for E.D. and other male maladies.

Priapus Shot Utilizes Stem Cell Science

Athletes Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Hines Ward oozed vitality while winning championships against men half their age. Ever wonder how these middle-aged men rebounded from injury and dominated professional sports when at the same age you once pulled a muscle trying to get up from the couch?

All three of these elite champions and hundreds more who strive to be just like them have reportedly turned to stem-cell therapy to recover from difficult sports injuries late in their careers. Stem cells are unique because they can morph into any kind of specialized cell and continuously multiply to heal, rejuvenate and restore damaged tissue or signs of aging.

Stem cells are the science behind the P-Shot, one of several Vampire spa treatments available at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute. Made popular in recent years by models, celebrities and mainstream media, the FDA-approved injections utilize the growth factors in a patient’s own blood platelets and stem cells to target certain parts of the body and tap into the body’s own innate healing power. In addition to male enhancement, we use the Vampire technique to perform non-surgical facelifts, facials, and breast lifts, regenerate hair growth and repair scarred skin.

Synergy Spa is one of only a handful of medical spa providers in Indiana specially trained and certified to administer the P-Shot. We also offer a female Vampire version for our women clientele called the O-Shot®.

Benefits of the Powerful P-Shot

The P-Shot bestows a wide variety of benefits sure to please both our male clients and their sexual partners. For those afflicted with erectile dysfunction or a declining sex drive that naturally comes with age, the P-Shot can increase libido and help men get and maintain a harder erection. It also adds notable girth and length for most clients, although results vary for each person and not all are instantaneous.

Men suffering pain during ejaculation, oftentimes caused by a swollen prostate, or those with a curved or bent penis typically find sex less uncomfortable and more satisfying following the P-Shot injections. For clients with Peyronie’s Disease, it can also help straighten the penis.

Many clients experience increased sensitivity and more intense orgasms following the procedure. This is mostly due to an increase in blood flow and nerve endings. Similar to what happens after a Vampire facelift, the rich blood plasma regenerates nerve tissue and stimulates new collagen production to tighten saggy skin and improve overall appearance, as well as increase sensation.

What to Expect During the P-Shot Vampire Treatment

The entire P-Shot process is so quick and easy it can be performed during your lunch break, and you’ll still have time to grab a sandwich before returning to work. Clients can immediately resume most physical activities that day, including sex.

While talk of Vampires and needles in such a sensitive area may make your manhood shrivel from fear, the P-Shot isn’t painful or difficult. A topical anesthetic applied directly before the procedure numbs your nether regions so most people merely feel pressure during the injections administered by our medically trained physician’s assistant. Tylenol can alleviate any mild discomfort following the session, although most clients don’t experience any pain during or after the P-Shot.

When you come to our medical spa for a P-Shot treatment, we’ll first draw a small amount of blood from your arm. That blood spins in a superfast centrifuge for approximately 10 minutes, which separates out the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) containing the stem cells and growth factors used to enhance skin, muscle and connective tissue.  

How Much Does the P-Shot Cost?

One P-Shot session at Synergy Spa costs $1,900. It’s recommended clients return eight weeks later for a second session to maximize results, so a package of two treatments can be purchased at a discounted rate of $2,900.

While results vary for each individual, most men notice some instantaneous changes. However, it may take up to a few weeks to achieve the full effects, and clients must be willing to follow the medical spa staff’s specific post-treatment protocol to maximize the outcome.

Try P-Shot for Prime Confidence and Performance

We all perform at our best, in life and in the bedroom, when we feel physically strong, confident and desired. The P-Shot allows men to overcome any shortcomings that may prevent a fully satisfying sex life, particularly those afflicted with a painful or embarrassing problem who prefer to avoid the downsides of surgery and pills.

You don’t need a medical excuse to improve your life and libido. If you’re an aging man looking to increase stamina and satisfaction or just change things up to please a long-time partner, or perhaps single and in need of a confidence boost, the P-Shot delivers amazing results.

Give us a call at (317) 580-1SPA to schedule a private consultation at Synergy Spa and learn more about the P-Shot Treatment.


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