Rejuvenate Your Face, Hands and Hair with All-Natural Stem Cell Spa Treatment

ALMI stem cell facelift before and after

Rejuvenate Your Face, Hands and Hair with All-Natural Stem Cell Spa Treatment

Want to restore volume to your face and eliminate fine lines, but hesitant to use synthetic fillers or go under the knife for a surgical facelift? Consider a completely natural alternative with an ALMI stem cell facelift, a quick and pain-free way to achieve lasting results with no downtime.

At Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, we offer this cutting-edge procedure to revitalize your face, hands, hair or even your sexual health by using your own stem cells and blood plasma. We were the first in Indiana and one of the first in the nation to provide the ALMI procedure, and more than a year later we’re ecstatic to report we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from clients who’ve tried it.

“I am thrilled with my results since having the ALMI procedure!” says Barbie H. “Years of aging were taken away in minutes. It’s so exciting to have ALMI available in Indiana!”

How is ALMI Stem Cell Facelift Performed?

ALMI spa injections combine PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and fat-harvesting techniques to restore a youthful appearance to the face and hands by reducing wrinkles, tightening loose skin and under-eye bags, eliminating sunspots and smoothing the skin’s texture. The injections can even be used to regenerate hair growth or enhance sexual function.

This anti-aging procedure, performed in our medical spa office, takes about an hour total and delivers immediate results. Unlike surgery, it requires no significant follow-up or recovery time, and results last up to five years.

To create the all-natural filler, we draw a client’s blood and put it into a centrifuge to prepare the PRP. We then numb a fleshy area on the patient’s love handles, stomach or flank, and extract fat cells through a tiny incision. Once the fat is purified, we combine with PRP to create a natural filling, which is tailored to your specific needs and precisely injected into the treatment area.

Treat Multiple Areas at Once with ALMI Spa Injections

We can use the customized filler we create from your own stem cells and fat tissue to treat more than one area of your body at a time. That’s what makes stem cells so great; they’re capable of developing into cells that serve numerous functions throughout the body and can therefore be used to heal, repair and restore cells in any part of the body.

Adding a second treatment area when already undergoing ALMI injections is easy and more cost efficient than scheduling separate treatments. We’ve already gathered the raw materials to create a custom filler just for you, and stem cells work their magic anywhere they’re infused.

“Many of our clients want one area done, such as their face, but then decide ‘why not rejuvenate my hands at the same time?’ since adding on a second treatment is so affordable,” says Denise Kaler, CEO of Synergy Spa.

Hair Restoration for Women and Men

ALMI provides a less intense and much less painful way to regrow hair than traditional surgical treatments for hair restoration. By instilling the scalp with your own stem cells, we can restore and regenerate hair follicles to increase hair thickness and volume in just one treatment.

This is a fantastic hair loss treatment option for the millions of men and women battling a receding hairline, bald spots or thinning hair. While it takes a month or two to fully begin working, clients begin noticing new hair growth as their hair goes through its natural growth cycle.  

FemShot or ManShot Boost Sexual Health

From childbirth and menopause to erectile dysfunction, aging takes its toll down there. The ALMI FemShot or ManShot can restore sexual confidence and fix health issues like pain and incontinence. Made from the same natural stem cell filler used for facelifts and the hands, our medical spa staff can prepare the shot when prepping for your other treatment areas.

The FemShot works to restore vaginal health and appearance by stimulating new blood supply and reactivating collagen production. By restoring balance to this sensitive area, ALMI helps improve dryness and discomfort that’s very common as women age.

The ManShot can help our male clients regain vitality and address performance-related issues that often emerge as men get older. ALMI is an effective way to treat erectile dysfunction without the use of medications or can be used for instant, all-natural male enhancement.  

Turn Back Time with ALMI Treatment

The ALMI procedure is an efficient and effective way to reverse obvious signs of aging and correct sexual health problems that creep up later in life — without the pain and expense of surgery, or the use of synthetic materials. Tighten sagging skin and regain volume in your face, or even your hair, using this natural, noninvasive method that taps into the leading anti-aging science available today.  

If you’re considering ALMI injections, contact us at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute today. We’d be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have before scheduling your treatment. We promise, you’ll love the younger-looking you.


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