The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests 30% of men feel dissatisfied with the size of their penis. If this applies to you or your partner, don’t hide under the covers because you’re self-conscious. Synergy Spa in Indianapolis offers the highly popular Priapus Shots. Also known as a P-Shot, this revolutionary treatment not only increases male sexual performance and enhances pleasure, but also helps increase penis size. 

Medical experts know the size of a man’s love muscle mostly results from genetics. Hormones, especially those occurring during P-Shotspuberty, also contribute to length and girth, according to a recent Healthline article. Exposure to environmental hormones during puberty also plays a role in determining a man’s final measurements. 

Statistics say the average man’s penis measures 3.5 inches long when flaccid and 5.2 inches long erect. While 95% of men fall into the “normal” size range, many feel ashamed, embarrassed or self-conscious below the belt. From locker-room teasing to harsh comments from ex-lovers, reasons for a man’s insecurity run deep. 

Why suffer in silence? P-Shots at Indy’s premiere medspa provide a boost of confidence under the sheets and can help underlying medical problems affecting performance in bed. Treatments take place in a safe, professional and confidential setting — without surgery or medication. 


Medically speaking, orgasms happen with the ideal combination of blood flow and hormones. P-shots can alleviate common physical male-performance issues, including erectile dysfunction, which occurs when a man cannot achieve or sustain an erection long enough to enjoy sexual satisfaction.P-Shots

Benefits from P-Shots include:

  • Longer, harder, more sustainable erections
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Reduced time between erections
  • Increased penis size and sensitivity (Individual results vary)


The P-Shot procedure takes less than 15 minutes and provides noticeable male enhancement, improves performance and overall sexual wellness, without the use of drugs or surgery, or the risk of side effects. Synergy Spa’s P-Shot injector is specially trained to administer the treatments, so clients can relax knowing they will receive the best results available with minimal to no discomfort. A topical anesthetic applied prior to the procedure makes the process virtually pain-free.

“Science has really helped boost sexual performance and enjoyment for men, and not just with medication,” says Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler.

Part of the Vampire Treatment line, P-Shots use the body’s own growth factors and natural healing process to achieve impressive results, much like stem-cell treatments help athletes heal from injury faster, utilizing the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in a client’s own blood. 

P-Shot appointments begin with a blood draw from the arm, requiring about the same amount needed for any simple blood test. The PRP separates from the red and white blood cells in a centrifuge that quickly spins the blood sample. The practitioner combines the plasma with proprietary ingredients to create a customized P-Shot, and then administers the mixture in a swift series of injections.


It can take six to eight weeks before clients achieve maximum results. Some men who experience positive outcomes return for additional treatments every eight to 12 months to maintain their results.

Clients must use a provided penis pump immediately after the procedure. To achieve maximum effectiveness, clients should continue using the penis pump for 10 minutes each day over the following 30 to 60 days.


To schedule a confidential P-Shot appointment online, click BOOK NOW on our website, on the Synergy Spa Facebook page or in our Synergy Spa Instagram bio. You can also contact Synergy Spa at 317-580-1SPA. We’re located at 836 E. 86th St., Suite B, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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