People post an average of 93 million selfies to social media platforms each day. Instead of using a filter to erase fine lines and wrinkles, combat the signs of aging and restore your youthful look with a Microneedling Facial at Synergy Spa in Indianapolis.

An innovative form of regeneration skin therapy, microneedling stimulates the body’s natural collagen production for smoother, tighter skin. When combined with PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, this rejuvenating facial treatment provides effective and long-lasting results. 

The combined microneedling with PRP treatment, also known as a Vampire Facial, starts by drawing a small amount of a client’s blood from the arm. The blood spins in a centrifuge machine to separate the PRP, which contains a concentration of growth factors and platelets — your body’s own repair system essential for healing tissue and promoting new collagen. We call it “liquid gold” because of its inherent value.

microneedlingAfter applying a numbing cream  to the treatment area, a microneedling device rapidly creates a pattern of channels just below the skin’s surface.

Clients keep the PRP on their skin for five hours, then rinse with warm water. Some redness may remain for a short time, but overall recovery is quick and clients see immediate results. For these reasons, many medspa clients favor this facial treatment over invasive, painful surgeries.

“This procedure is performed by our highly trained RN injector in a comfortable, safe and relaxing spa setting,” Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler says. “We can do Microneedling without PRP, but there are so many more benefits when it’s done with ‘liquid gold.’”


After the age of 25, we lose about 1 percent of our skin’s natural collagen each year. Not surprisingly, the global anti-aging market in the United States recently peaked at $50.2 billion. Experts predict that value may soar to an astounding $79.5 billion by 2024.

By the time she turned 40, fine lines and wrinkles were beginning to bother Synergy Spa client Amy M., who opted for a series of microneedling PRP treatments.

“She could not have been happier after she completed her package of three treatments,” Kaler says.microneedling

A microneedling PRP treatment takes less than an hour to complete. Immediately after treatment, most clients notice an improvement in their skin’s tone and texture. The skin’s complexion continues to improve for another six to 12 months as collagen and elasticity rejuvenate.

Synergy Spa generally recommends clients schedule three microneedling PRP facial treatments, approximately six to eight weeks apart, to achieve optimum results.  

For more information about microneedling with PRP or to receive a complimentary consultation, call 317-580-1SPA or contact us online. 


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