Laser Club: Unlimited laser hair removal

Aerolase hair removal

Laser Club: Unlimited laser hair removal

There’s no reason to tolerate hair in embarrassing places any longer.

Laser hair removal is now pain free and unlimited with the Aerolase Neo laser at the Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis.

Join Synergy Spa’s Laser Club for just $99 per month to receive unlimited hair removal and access to exclusive pricing on additional services and products. You can eliminate hair wherever you wish.

Kathie Lee Gifford loves Aerolase Neoaerolase laser

Kathie Lee Gifford, former co-host of The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford, underwent the procedure on air. Kathie says there was a tingling sensation, but no pain. And after a few weeks of treatment, she says the hair was gone and her skin felt rejuvenated

Long-term laser hair removal results

Sure, waxing, threading and tweezing all work to remove hair and leave behind smooth skin, but those methods hurt and the hair quickly returns. The majority of clients who’ve underwent Aerolase Neo hair removal treatments still reported 82% clearance of hair eight months after their final treatment. Some even reported up to 93% clearance at that point.

Hair removal with the Aerolase Neo usually requires six treatments, spaced three to four weeks apart, but you may start seeing results after just one treatment.

Synergy Spa client Micki Duenas gushed about her instant results. “This is the only laser I have used that has literally no pain and let me see results immediately,” she said. “My skin is glowing. I look like I’ve been Photoshopped.”

Micki also reported the laser eliminated broken blood vessels around her nose as an added bonus to the laser hair removal process.

Aerolase laserA laser hair removal for all darker skin tones

The Aerolase Neo is an aesthetic medical laser proven effective on all skin tones, even tanned or darker skin types that resisted an earlier generation of lasers. Its new technology also makes it safer for lighter skin tones. 

The Aerolase delivers patented quick pulses that seal heat in hair follicles, increasing the temperature faster and preventing it from reaching surrounding skin. There’s no need for numbing or cooling gels, and no need for the handpiece to even touch the skin.

Say goodbye to upper lip hair with laser hair removal

Why should you worry one more moment that someone will see your upper lip hair? Kathie Lee Gifford doesn’t.

Laser hair removal is now easily obtainable for Indianapolis residents with unlimited visits for only $99 a month, and Synergy Spa is conveniently located at 836 East 86th St.

Time to trash your razor. Call Synergy Spa to set up an appointment today at 317-580-1SPA.

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