Indianapolis MedSpa Offers $199 Aerolase Rejuvenation

aerolase rejuvenation

Indianapolis MedSpa Offers $199 Aerolase Rejuvenation

We’ve all seen funny Facebook memes or heard jokes about the signs of aging. For instance, “If you remember passing folded, triangle-shaped notes in class, it’s time for wrinkle cream.” Or, “You just can’t win. When you get too old for pimples, you go right into wrinkles.”

Fighting the signs of aging doesn’t have to be a laughing matter. For a limited time, Synergy Spa is offering full-face Aerolase laser rejuvenation facials for just $199. Regularly priced at $375, this offer is no joke.

“This is a safe, gentle and effective way to comprehensively rejuvenate your skin,” says Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler. “Whether you are seeking to prevent the signs of aging or want to regain a youthful complexion, this will improve your skin’s tone and texture, and give you some brightening.”

aerolase rejuvenationWHAT IS AN AEROLASE FACIAL?

An Aerolase full-face rejuvenation facial is ideal for eliminating many common skin imperfections, including enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, visible veins, sun damage, age spots and more.

This revolutionary 30-minute treatment offers the perfect solution for clients who want fast, pain-free results. It requires no anesthetic, and Aerolase works on all skin types and tones.

Aerolase’s 650-microsecond energy targets water in the dermis to stimulate collagen production, which reduces fine lines and pores while tightening skin. Some clients may experience minor facial redness following treatment, but that fades within a few hours.

“Everyone’s skin is unique, and therefore reacts differently to treatment,” Kaler says. “Some patients will notice immediate results, while others may see gradual results that happen over time. We also offer packages and if you like the treatment, we can talk about that while you’re in the spa.”


Many dermatologists say women start noticing the signs of aging during their late 30s. When topical creams and serums are no longer enough to keep Mother Nature at bay, schedule an Aerolase rejuvenation facial at Synergy Spa in Indianapolis.

“I love this place,” says Kim, a regular Synergy Spa client. “The staff is so friendly and takes great care of you. My skin always looks amazing after my facials.”

To schedule your full-face Aerolase rejuvenation facial, call 317-580-1SPA. Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute is located at 836 E. 86th St., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240

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