How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?


How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The cost of CoolSculpting is one of the first questions new clients ask, and it’s impossible to answer without learning more about what area or areas of your body you want sculpted. 

Do you want to lose belly fat, for instance, or maybe love handles, or both? The number of visits and the amount of time you’ll need to spend with us determines price, but do not fear.

We’d love to see you for a complimentary consultation, learn your body sculpting goals, and show you why Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute clients consider us the best at getting rid of unwanted fat forever. No risk and no pressure involved.

CoolSculpting near me and expertly delivered

Jessica Loesch, our lead CoolSculpting technician, is one of only three in the state who are Masters Certified, which is the highest accreditation CoolSculpting offers. That means she knows advanced training protocols to deliver superior results. 


“This ensures that patients who come to Synergy Spa for CoolSculpting will receive the best possible outcome,” Denise Kaler, Synergy Spa CEO, says. “Jessica’s results were already phenomenal, and now they are unparalleled. She truly is an expert!

“Changing someone’s body image through fat reduction with CoolSculpting requires an expert technician with compassion and advanced training for phenomenal results, and clients of the Synergy Spa get all three with Jessica,” Kaler adds.

And the spa is easy to find at 836 East 86th St. in Indianapolis.

Does CoolSculpting work?

It’s not a treatment for obesity, but CoolSculpting gives clients a slimmer profile and more fit appearance. According to market research data on the procedure, 79 percent of CoolSculpting patients saw a positive difference in the way their clothes fit.

Clients see up to 20-25% reduction in fat layer thickness after a single session. Results may be seen as soon as one to three months after treatment and may continue up to six months as dead, frozen fat cells leave your body. 

CoolSculpting, also known as fat freezing, is FDA-approved as a safe, effective way to permanently reduce unwanted fat without surgery or down time. CoolSculpting targets, freezes and eliminates unwanted fat cells while you relax.

You may want to watch our big-screen television during your treatment, which will last about a half hour to an hour, or even nap. Some clients read or work on their computers. You’ll be right back to your normal activities afterward without pain, lost work or play time.

Nothing to lose but fat

backfatRemember, the consultation costs nothing, and we’d love to answer your questions about CoolSculpting and let you get to know us. Call Synergy Spa today at 317-580-1SPA to schedule a complimentary consultation. You’ll be happy you did. And be sure to visit our website for more information and a coupon offer for new clients.

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