CoolSculpting® successes featured in area media stories

CoolSculpting® successes featured in area media stories

The January issues of Carmel and Zionsville magazine both featured the CoolSculpting® procedure in their “Healthier You” sections!

The hugely popular fat-freezing method is available and in high demand at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute. You can look more slender and be elated about your improved appearance within weeks. It takes an hour for each area treated.

The most striking results come after about three months, as the normal metabolic process flushes the fat cells away.

Denise Kaler is the CEO of Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute. She was invited to CoolSculpting® headquarters (Zeltiq) in Pleasanton California, where she gave webinars to a worldwide audience.

The response was tremendous. So are the results of clients that go to Synergy Spa for their CoolSculpting.

As Denise told the magazine’s writer, “There are no needles at all, no special diets, and best of all – this is not surgery!”

“There is no downtime with the CoolSculpting® treatment,” Denise continued. “And once the fat us gone, it’s gone for good. It is naturally eliminated from the lymphatic system.”

CoolSculpting® boosts appearance, confidence, and even demeanor. When you look better, you feel better about yourself.

The FDA-cleared CoolSculpting® procedure can lead to an amazing 25% percent less fat on eight areas of the body where unwanted fat often occurs.

They include: your abdomen, thighs, arms, love handles, buttocks, even under your chin and around your neck.

Men and women both come to us for CoolSculpting® at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute.

Here’s how it works: A CoolSculpting® practitioner uses a carefully engineered device with vacuum technology to isolate the bulging area or areas. Then they apply the freezing effects.

Nothing hurts – there is some increased sensation to temperature. The sensation is a firm but mild pull and pressure. This ensures the selected tissue will be cooled efficiently and effectively.

 Synergy Spa is a CoolSculpting® certified practice. All the technicians, of course, have been certified. They utilize advanced training protocols to deliver the best possible results.

To repeat, there is no dieting involved in CoolScupting® at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute.

But, as Denise told the magazines, “Some people just seek a jump-start to begin a better regimen. CoolSculpting® turns out to be just what they needed.”

Our patients tell us time and time again how gratified and happy they are to see these areas of fat diminish. Sometimes, with only one CoolSculpting procedure, or several to see results that last.

This progress and fulfillment, with so little effort and without major costs.

“It’s amazing to know,” Denise says, “that after the treatment, you can go back to work, go work out, or go have a cup of coffee.”

The procedure is no fad; it’s based on facts.

CoolSculpting® at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute leads to great results you can measure and success you can see.

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