Freeze Fat Cells Away with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Before and After

Freeze Fat Cells Away with CoolSculpting

Diets and fads come and go, but the technology behind CoolSculpting® — using cold to target and zap fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue — is an FDA-certified body-shaping trend that’s sure to stick around longer due to its proven fat-reducing results.

We all know there’s no magic pill for weight loss. Eating right and exercising help some people in their quest for the ideal body shape, while others struggle to rid their body of fatty bulges no matter how many lunges, squats and planks they do.

With CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat-freezing treatment performed more than 1,000 times at Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute in Indianapolis, clients rave about the real results they get by freezing away those stubborn fat cells.

“Now, I feel confident in a two-piece bathing suit. I hadn’t had one on in years. When I wear a form-fitting dress, I feel confident. CoolSculpting is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.” — Paige, a client of Synergy Spa.

CoolSculpting involves no needles, no anesthesia and no downtime, says Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler. “Finally, a non-invasive procedure for both men and women to target those unwanted areas of fat that are just resistant to diet and exercise,” she says. “With CoolSculpting, you can finally say goodbye to those muffin tops and love handles!”

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting Before and AfterCoolSculpting, based on the proven science of cryolipolysis, gently cools targeted fat cells in the body to produce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. The injured or frozen fat cells are gradually eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system over the course of several months.

CoolSculpting uses vacuum technology to isolate fat bulges and bumps on your body, and then applies freezing effects on the fat. As the applicator’s vacuum draws the fat bulge into the applicator cup, some clients may feel minimal tugging, pulling or mild pinching. Clients may also feel intense cold at first, but this usually subsides within 5 to 10 minutes as the area numbs.

Synergy Spa now offers clients the CoolAdvantage® Applicator with more direct tissue contact and lower temperatures, which shortens the CoolSculpting treatment time to about 35 minutes per area. With a shorter duration, less discomfort and more precise targeting, you can undergo the procedure over your lunch break and return to work feeling fabulous. “You can have the procedure done in our office in less than an hour and go run a marathon after if you wanted to,” Kaler says. “There’s really no downtime.”

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting Before and AfterGot a bulging tummy, double chin or flabby arms? If you are a man or woman who’s within 30 pounds of their ideal body weight, the CoolSculpting procedure can help to remove unwanted areas of fat on your body.

While CoolSculpting destroys fat cells that will not return, it’s not a miracle cure. Destroying existing fat cells doesn’t prevent new fat cells from appearing. A CoolSculpting client who continues to eat an unhealthy diet and doesn’t exercise may see the fat return.

Why Choose Synergy Spa for CoolSculpting?

As a certified CoolSculpting practice and a member of the elite CoolSculpting Club 1000, the Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute represents the gold standard in perfecting this non-invasive fat reduction procedure. Our expert technicians received advanced training and certifications at CoolSculpting® University in both California and Virginia.

As we’ve perfected our CoolSculpting technique, we’ve helped clients reduce fat by as much as 25 percent on eight different areas of the body. Many choose to do the procedure more than once, coming back at regular intervals to keep the fat off. Book your appointment today by calling Synergy Spa at (317) 580-1772. New patients receive $150 off the first treatment!

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