Ahead of the Curve with Aesthetic Education

Ahead of the Curve with Aesthetic Education

In the fast-changing world of aesthetic medicine, a successful MedSpa is always at the forefront of change. Continuing aesthetic education is a necessity.

At Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute, our patients desire that, and more important, they deserve that.

The latest, the best, the safest, the most effective: that’s how we remain the most-respected MedSpa in greater Indianapolis. Aesthetic education is the fuel for our performance. 

“The aesthetic industry is ever-evolving,” says Synergy Spa CEO Denise Kaler, “and getting more and better training and information specific to aesthetics is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.” 

Staying ahead, so Synergy Spa can offer the procedures and products that patients want…with the most skill and insight.

Denise and R.N. Deanna McAllister are both attending The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas July 6-9. It’s an annual multidisciplinary, medical aesthetic education meeting focused on the rapidly expanding field of aesthetic medicine.  

Dr. Dale Guyer and Denise Kaler at 2016 aesthetics show

Dale Guyer, M.D. founder of The Guyer Institute and Synergy Spa, attended last year. Dr. Guyer, too, is always in the learning more mode. 

The slogan for The Aesthetic Show: “Where Science Meets Beauty.”

This unique show shines the spotlight on new procedures, products and technologies. It’s a remarkable gathering of the top physicians in the aesthetic industry together in a highly condensed and effective format.  

The program includes a forum with aesthetic visionaries discussing the latest in regenerative aesthetics. Also, how to best serve millennials, and insight into serving male patients. 

Also, there are breakout sessions on the most promising advances in body shaping, energy-based anti-aging skin care treatments, and emerging technologies and products for a healthier, more appealing you. 

Deanna McCallister of the Synergy Spa staff

“The weekend of aesthetic education focuses on what’s relevant, progressive, and contemporary,” Denise says. “Deanna and I will be better at what we do by going, and our MedSpa and its clients will be the beneficiaries. 

Synergy Spa staffers Deanna and Grace McDonald consistently attend major conferences and seminars on skin care> They frequently focus on the best uses and latest products involving the IS Clinical Skincare line. 

Grace McDonald of the Synergy Spa staff

“The ways we can help improve the health and appearance of our patients’ skin amazes even me sometimes,” Grace says.  “It is such a stimulating and important field – we have to be on the front door of learning.”

And we can’t forget Jelena Strauser, who is among the best trained medical aestheticians in the country. Jelena travels frequently to get advanced training and aesthetic education. She stands side by side with some of the finest thinkers and instructors in the field.

Jelena Strasuer, Synergy Spa aesthetician

In fact, Jelena just returned from Barcelona, where she learned about an extraordinary new technique that can achieve dramatic results for the face. 

When it is ready to reach the marketplace, Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute will be the first to offer the procedure, with the best-trained MedSpa staff available in Indianapolis. 

We pride ourselves at being on the forward edge of this industry because you, our clients, expect nothing less.

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