Aerolase for Spider Veins

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Aerolase for Spider Veins

Summer is here! While the warmer weather brings cookouts, festivals and vacations, it also means wearing leg-revealing shorts, summer dresses and swimsuits. If you’re one of the many people suffering with spider veins, it can be frustrating to worry about the “roadmap” streaking across your legs rather than enjoying the many delights of summer.

With just three treatments administered about three to four weeks apart, the Aerolase laser for spider veins can alleviate your insecurities so you can show off the legs you spent the winter months sculpting.

What are Spider Veins?

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Spider veins, sometimes called thread veins, are red, purple, or blue vessels that are swollen and twisted. These veins are visible through the skin and often resemble a spider web. They are more common in women and are most often found on the legs and the face. Although spider veins are not usually harmful to your health, they are often unsightly and can be an embarrassing affliction to live with.

How does Aerolase remove Spider Veins?

smooth legsThe LightPod Aerolase laser is a medical laser that uses 650-microsecond technology to deliver short, high energy bursts through the skin. The noninvasive and uniquely gentle laser targets water in the dermis to stimulate collagen production, resulting in the coagulation of unwanted veins that are eventually cleared by the body’s natural immune response.

To be fully effective, patients should receive three treatments spaced three to four weeks apart. Each session lasts anywhere from 20-60 minutes, depending on the specific needs of the patient. This cutting-edge treatment offers highly effective, long-lasting results with little to no pain and no bruises or burns.

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dancing legsEliminating spider veins has never been so quick, easy, and painless. Let Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute help you gain your confidence back to enjoy the summer months worry-free. Call us today at (317) 580-1SPA to book an Aerolase appointment or a free consultation.

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