Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

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As we age, our metabolism, stamina and energy start to decline. Sometimes we find ourselves gaining weight over time, and suddenly find we’re no longer happy with our outward appearance.  While the root cause may include hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiency or just a plateau and settled into an uncomfortable weight. Sometimes, we just need to kick-start our metabolism.  Many people struggle to lose weight on their own. They’ve tried a number of workouts or diets, to only temporarily lose weight. Others find themselves unable to lose weight at all. Our medical weight loss program can help, no matter your current weight loss situation.

At Synergy Spa, our clients have discovered that a medically-supervised weight loss program offers the support they need that can’t be found in fad diets or other non-medical weight loss programs.  Synergy Spa added medical weight loss options to help our clients achieve their weight loss goals.

Our Weight Loss Program

Our experts from The Guyer Institute and the Synergy Spa have teamed up to develop a weight loss program that is sure to meet the needs of anyone desiring to lose weight. We are able to draw labs on site, allowing us to do a workup to optimize your own metabolism and target what might be making it difficult for you to lose weight. We can also prescribe prescriptions medications to help curb appetite and cravings. And we use these in combination with sterile, compounded Vitamin B injections.

We find that with our medical weight loss program, our patients are able to finally achieve the weight they desire.  We customize the program to meet the needs of each patient individually. In addition, it works amazingly well with our CoolSculpting for overall weight loss as well as body contouring.  For those of you not interested in weight loss utilizing prescription medications, or that only need to lose a few pounds to achieve the desired results, we also have medically supervised fasting programs in place which will help take off the last few pounds and kick-start the metabolism again.

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