IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy

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Walk-in IV Vitamin Therapy: Benefits Inside

This popular emerging therapy, while over 40 years old, has grown in awareness exponentially in the last few years.  Developed by the late Dr. John Myers in Baltimore, Maryland, IV vitamin therapy has evolved from a few basic formulations to include a wide array of additives.

Perhaps you have already heard about the benefits of IV Vitamin therapy.  Well, IV vitamin infusions work so effectively because the nutrients directly absorb via the bloodstream. Thus, they enhance the plasma or blood availability of the nutrient.  When you take vitamins and minerals orally you absorb them more slowly. Consequently, you can develop issues in the digestive tract that may inhibit absorption.  IV vitamin therapy can promote enhanced nutrition, boost immune function and energy, and decrease headache occurrence.   In addition, IV vitamin therapy can benefit a multitude of conditions, from chronic fatigue to decreased recovery time for elite athletes.

Benefits of the Walk-in IV Vitamin Therapy

Maybe you have seen the ads, the news stories, or have learned about it from a friend who has given it a try. Kristen drops in for IV therapy to give her immune system a boost and to give her energy to keep up with her 3 young kids. She loves the convenience of the walk-in clinic, she can pop in when she’s feeling run down and it suits her busy schedule.  Brad always stops in before a big race to help enhance his electrolyte levels.  He appreciates the brevity of the therapy, in and out over a lunch break.

Now you know where you can experience these benefits as a “walk-in” client of Synergy Spa or The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine. We have been administering IV vitamin therapy for over 20 years and have provided well over 200,000 IV therapies!

Get Acquainted IV… $125

Are you new to IV vitamin therapy?  Want to give it a try?  This is a great way to become familiar with IV vitamin therapy. This basic IV therapy contains Vitamin C, B Complex, B12, Magnesium and more!  The Get Acquainted IV contains more ingredients than what is used in most clinics nationwide, even in their most sophisticated IVs.

Beauty IV… $150

This combination of nutritional ingredients supports the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and suppresses the formation of blemishes while simultaneously enhancing collagen production to restore elasticity and healthy skin.  Look and feel better from the inside out!

Wellness and Vibrancy IV… $175

This IV therapy is perfect for those with a hectic lifestyle!  The ingredients in this therapy help protect against free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, boost immune function, detoxify, and reduce cellular inflammation and much more while restoring your natural cellular energy.

Athletic IV… $190

Running a marathon this weekend? Having trouble making gains in the gym? The ingredients in the athletic IV help support you gaining the extra edge by balancing your electrolytes and helping provide the essential building blocks to muscle endurance and cellular energy.

Morning After IV (Detox-city) … $225

Need to detox and do a little “Spring House cleaning” due to cumulative poor health choices made last night or over the years? No worries, we have the hydration formula that works.

Energy Boost IV… $175

Protect against free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, boost immune system, detoxify, reduce cellular inflammation and much more.  This therapy is great for general health and to give a much-needed energy boost.


*Please note, substitutions are not permitted for walk-in IV therapies

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