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Permanent Make-Up

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Permanent Makeup at Synergy Spa

Permanent Makeup can do wonders to accentuate and improve your appearance, save you time, money, and lower stress, too.

At Synergy Spa of the Guyer Institute – the best MedSpa in Indianapolis – we offer this popular micro-pigmentation technique for eyeliner, lip liner, brows and more.

Our training and expertise in permanent makeup ensures you look the way you want. We take careful consultation and we’re committed to understanding your needs and desires.

The Synergy Spa team has the softest touch, the most advanced pigments, and consistently outstanding results to enhance your natural beauty.

Jelena Strauser, our permanent makeup specialist, has more than 15 years of experience. In addition, she has expert training from some of the world’s best – to determine the right colors and tone for your skin, the right amount of pigment, and the best place to use it.

Our Promise to our Permanent Makeup Clients:

At Synergy Spa, we create the comfort level our clients desire. And we always treat every client with extraordinary care. When we deliver fantastic results with our permanent makeup solutions, it’s very satisfying to see the joy on our clients’ faces.

In addition, we share the valuable insights we have gained by partnering with so many women on this procedure.

We desire for clients to leave our facility happy, knowing we did something that matters to them day and night.

The keen colors of your brows, lashes and lips can diminish with age. Also, the effects of the sun, some skin disorders, and scarring from a wound can alter your skin’s appearance. Micro-pigmentation can help enormously.

Your appearance can be radiant again.

You’ll feel younger and look younger after visiting Synergy Spa of The Guyer Institute for Permanent Makeup.

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Permanent Makeup Procedures:

Typically, you may experience a very small amount of discomfort from the tiny needle. However, we can minimize or eliminate this with topical anesthetics. In addition, very minor swelling may appear, but within a few days, typically disappears.

The procedure usually takes from one to two hours, depending on the area.

And our permanent makeup at Synergy Spa doesn’t have to take you out of “circulation” in any way. Because within a week, any necessary healing – which only you may notice – will be complete.

Some clients like a minor touch-up in about six weeks to add the precise touches to brows and eyeliner. We recommend possibly repeating the procedure with a touch up in two to three years.

Without a doubt, our clients are thrilled they don’t have to worry about putting makeup on these areas several times a day. In fact, they delight at the thought of looking better late at night, before bed, and in the morning when they wake up.

For more information on permanent makeup at Synergy Spa, please call 317-580-1SPA (1772) or contact us.